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Focus On Hamstring Tears

CUMBERLAND PHYSIOTHERAPY PARRAMATTA What are they? The hamstrings are a large group of muscles, located at the back of the thigh. Their job is to bend the knee, move the hip backwards and stabilise the leg. The muscles can be injured at any point but are most vulnerable where the tendon and muscle fibres join […]

Making The Most of Your Physio Treatment

Seeing a physiotherapist is an important investment in healing and recovery from injury. Here are a few tips to help get the best outcomes from your treatment time. Know what your goals are and ask questions. If you are clear on what you hope to achieve through physiotherapy, this can help you and your therapist […]

Focus on Ankylosing Spondylitis

 What is Ankylosing Spondylitis? Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is a type of inflammatory, autoimmune arthritis that primarily affects the spine. It is characterised by intermittent pain and progressive stiffness due to the inflammation and eventual hardening of the ligaments that surround the spine. The classic early symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis are pain and stiffness of the […]

5 Reasons to Stay Active

 The benefits of keeping active may seem obvious, yet it can’t hurt to be reminded of the many ways exercise can improve your life. Here are a few of our favourite reasons to get moving.  Exercise improves energy levels.  Improving your fitness means your body is capable of achieving more for the same energy expenditure. […]

Focus on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CUMBERLAND PHYSIOTHERAPY PARRAMATTA:  What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a small space base of the hand. This tunnel is covered by a thick ligament and creates a small tunnel where various nerves, arteries and tendons pass through from the forearm into the hand. If anything causes this space to be reduced, these […]

Is Surgery The Right Decision For You?

CUMBERLAND PHYSIOTHERAPY PARRAMATTA: The decision to have surgery following an injury is a serious and complicated one. It can be difficult when navigating the minefield of information you receive to know what is the right pathway for you. Unfortunately, the answer is not always obvious which can be very confusing. To ensure that surgery is […]

Why Do Tendon Injuries Take So Long To Heal?

  CUMBERLAND PHYSIOTHERAPY PARRAMATTA: If you have ever suffered from a tendon injury you will know that the recovery can be frustratingly long. Tendons are important tissues of the body, connecting muscles to bones and come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many reasons why tendon injuries can be difficult to treat, as […]

A Wrist Injury: Scaphoid Fractures

   CUMBERLAND PHYSIOTHERAPY PARRAMATTA: What is it? The scaphoid is a small bone in the wrist that connects the radius to the hand, and it is situated near the thumb. Scaphoid fractures are a relatively common wrist injury and are commonly misdiagnosed as the pain can be quite mild even when the bone has been […]

Physio Tips for Better Running

Cumberland Physiotherapy Parramatta: Distance running can be a surprisingly complicated sport. In this article, we offer some words of wisdom from our physiotherapists to help you get the most out of your training and avoid injuries.   Choose your shoes carefully: Repeated stress from running long distances will show up any biomechanical flaws in your body […]

Focus: Can Stress Affect My Pain?

   CUMBERLAND PHYSIOTHERAPY PARRAMATTA: A common fear for patients when discussing pain is the idea that their symptoms are ‘all in their head’ or that they won’t be believed either by friends, family, therapists or workplace. This fear can be worse when there appears to be no obvious cause for their pain or it has […]